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Salmon and turkey are good for your baby. I also make pasto (the rotinni) spelling and he loves that. I will put a little shredded cheese in it and mix it up. Meat Loaf likes watermelon. just cut him off a few piece he goes crazy. He loves green beans and peas, he hates peas, carrots.

OH BY THE WAY when you are feeding them differnat meats only feed him one meat at a time (day or meal) I mean do not mix. If you do turkey than only turkey that day. Oh I have found that Meat Loaf like the ped. pop cycles. Try not to give them things that are real gressy even if you drain the grease it is bad for their belly. And for the most part no sugar. Meat Loaf loves lemon falvored cookies so he might get one a week but not that often. I hope this helps
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