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When I started making Meat Loaf's food was when he got Parvo.

1. I would buy a pack of boneless skinless chicken breast and cut it in little cubes and than boil it. Than put it in a boil and it is always ready when you need it. Just cut it up smaller and there you go.

2. Than his cottage cheese I would buy a whole things of it dump it in a bowl and than poor like 1 or 2 cups of ped. in it and mix it up. Not only is the ped. good for them but it makes it a little water and that gets on the other food and makes it better.

3. Than I would take the rice and boil alot of it and put it in a bowl so it is always ready (no salt, etc. in it) just natural.

4. Than I would also make mashed pot. (no slat pepper, etc.) and put them in a bowl so you have them.

Than to eat I would give him a little chicken and rice and than either pot. or cottage cheese. Than if you wanted to give them a snack later on I gave them plain yog. OH I almost forgot take the broth of the chicken and make him ice cubes not only do they like to play with them and lick them but they are good for them. Meat Loaf loved them. I still do that for him. Do not give hamburger to your dog.

5. Than I would take veggies and beef cubes and make a stew and he loved that (try to make it natural do not add all the extras)

6. He loves the cresecent rolls.
I will let you read all that and I will post more on another post.
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