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Ha love the name (Spots)!!!!!

Talk about a diet with the dals!!! Mine ate a tensor bandage and had to have major surgery!!! Then had a reaction to the sutures..which then led to her bleed so badly they had to take a blood test to see if they had to transfuse!!! Little Beggar scared the pants off me!
She is just starting to get back on her feet.
I love the Dals attitude. i have a border collie X Dalmation. Her personality is more on the Border side though

Yep she is a liver spotted...People freak out and asked what she is crossed with. When I say that she is a pure bred. They just love her.

You know whats also amazing how small kids who can hardly say Mommy and Daddy..scream when they see her "Dalmation!!!" They love her to bits. Fortunately she is great with kids.

Her training has been on hold because of surgery so I imagine we will have to start over in about a week.

By the way does yours do the Elvis lip? Mine cracks me up when she does it...course I love Elvis lol!
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