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Nerve damage to cat's leg

Originally Posted by dinoclassic56 View Post
I to have a dog with a recent car accident that has a nerve damaged front paw. Can you tell me about your boot you have for him...

I bought one form handicapp pets... It helps him what, and I massage his leg and toes.. When he walks with out it he drags it and folds up in under him...
His shoulder is working, he has no feeling in the paw itself,,, this happen a week ago. Our vet send watch and wait but he is figuring to amputate as well.

Let me know what you have learned.
Oddie is a 8 month old golden retriever...
thanks for your help and all of that of others on this topic
Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum but I found you when I was researching nerve damage to my cat's leg. Her history is that she had a bad fall in May which resulted in a fracture to her back femur. She had surgery to repair with a pin and wire. After 6 weeks the pin was removed and the fracture has healed just fine. The bad news is that she has no feeling from about her hock down. That means that although she can walk and run around the paw is folded under as she has no feeling or awareness perception in her paw. My vets are saying that there was possible sciatic nerve damage from the pin and that we should take a wait and see approach. They thought that a time frame of 8 weeks after the pin removal should show results. We are now at that time but she is still not using the paw. Fortunately she is not self mutilating and the skin on the top of the paw has calloused over and so there is no injury to skin. She is an indoor cat and only walks on carpet. I noticed that a vet had posted a reply saying that the nerves heal very slowly. Does anyone have any encouraging reports on their own pets nerve repair after an injury, and how long it took. I keep pinching her toes to see if the feeling is coming back, but I am not getting any reaction. She has started to shake that leg a little bit in the past couple of days - hopefully that may mean she is starting to feel something tingling. She is only a year old so she does have youth on her side.
Any info or experiences would be appreciated.
Thanks, Thai's Mom
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