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These are the ones I think are funny. Not because of the way they look, but because of what the riders are doing. When you're racing, you want to keep your bike on the ground as much as possible. Unless you are bunny hopping over an object, air time slows you down. But as soon as the camera came out, slight hills suddenly became X-game style jumps for some guys!

I'm using Microsoft Office Picture manager. It's the one that comes up, and it's the easiest to use. Just hit the "compress for web pages" button, and it instantly goes from 6 meg to 79 k. But it really takes away on the quality. I wanted to ask for advice, but I find the pictures aren't as crisp as the original, and some are darker.

The one question I do have is how to take action shots in low light outside? A couple of these pictures I played with my software picture editor to lighten them up, but I know real photographers consider that cheating.
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