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Thanks all my cords is up and away yet he likes to climb my computer desk and attack them. I have heard of plastic tubing and I am looking into that problay at wal mart. I play with him alot and he goes like crazy to the ball he loves my other cat that I use to have ball. It does keep him away from the computer until he gets it under the stove and the look is to cute "Hey where did it go?". I will have to get more toys because my guest coming love cats and will give him alot of attention. I know he will grow out of it. I like him the way he is so playful and fun to watch.
I hate to say I am only allowed one cat where I live so my neighbour is great coming over and keeping him company. I am happy for Charlie he is a blessing and I love that kitten and the cords did worry b/c I know they are not good for him to chew.
I will try yea all suggested thanks.
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