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I know! Isnīt he just gorgeous?? I emailed about him, but they told me that they have 4 people already on the waiting list for him, so īthereīs a good chance I wonīt get himī. Oh well. At least heīll go to another good home, even if itīs not mine. Thatīs all I really care about anyway.

I emailed every rescue about all of them: chico has a list, honey and pippy have to go together (Iīm really only looking for one), Penny has 2 adoptions pending, they havenīt gotten back to me about Willie or Bob yet, Panther is too far for them to send to me in Montreal, etc. Iīm not giving up though. Itīs better to hear that theyīre wanted by others other than me! Itīs a good thing!
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