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quackpot vet

As discussed, we took our dog for a second opinion to a highly referred DVM, apparently one with over 30+ years of experience. He instantly identified the problem saying he had seen it before. No doubt it was an immune system disease. No doubt!

After a shot of prednisone and an unusually high dose of prednisone pills prescribed ( over 120mg/day ), our dog was on its death bed after two days, unable to catch its breath. Further, her symptoms all exacerbated to worse levels ever seen. In distress and looking for help on a weekend, I telephoned the referral DVM and left a voice message (a few days later a call was returned and I was told not to call them at home rather wait until business hours in the future). Going back to my original DVM, I was instructed to give the pred more time. After 6 days and my dog very close to death, I contacted a specialist and he immediately began weaning her off the high pred dose that was so casually prescribed. He reviewed her history and couldn't believe the "guru" DVM's treatment plan. After reading up on it, I can't believe how extreme their flippant diagnosis and treatment was that nearly killed my dog. The arrogance of the guru "male" DVM should have been a warning sign. It seem he was trying to impress the referral "female" DVM more so than focusing on my dog.

My dog is back on a course of strong antibiotics again and nearly back to the "pre-prednisone" state. Damn them to hell please...

Be careful out their with prednisone and especially if it is diagnosed so flippantly with such careless arrogant wreckless regard.

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