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Question Help me!

I have an 8 week old kitten yet it seems that he is biting more and more. I know this is out of play yet I do not want him to bite friends and so on when they come over. He has already did it to my neighbour when only play biting he claimed it hurt. I have tried alot of ways to get him to stop and rescreached it all yet he does not response to them. I will be cleaning my dishes not even paying attention when he attacks my legs. When I am watching tv he has gotten into the habbit of crawling up my back and that hurts. It seems that he will never clam down and I am doomed to the sctarth marks that I have all over my body. I know what spots not to touch he hates his belly and ears being touched. So i avoid those and try to destract him with a toy does not work.
I know he trains will because he already knows to give paw and bag for a treat (He will get up and swap at the treat in the air. My other cat he use to do that).
I love Charlie he is a joy to have yet between sleeping he is always hyper. He has also started this on my mom who comes to visit. He use to cuddle in with her and now he will not do that. Yet he will get up on my lap and fall asleep purring. Also he is in habbit of chewing on my lap top cords. Ones that would make me broke to replace. I am trying and stressed at max end about how to stop him from doing this. I have taped up the cords yet he just loves that part of my apt. I do not know what to do it seems that what I do is not working help. He likes humans more then all the toys he has. When he even sees my hand (Almost all the time not moving) he is does his attacking retine which is actully so cute to watch.
I know that I will not allow him to bite and he has learned other stuff fast why not this?.
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