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Geriatiric, Diabetic Cat

Hello everyone. I am new here and joined because I am worried about my cat. Scucci is almost 13 and has had diabetes for about 7 years. His diabetes has been controlled very well; however, I know that he is getting old and that he is on borrowed time.

Lately I have noticed that he smells of urine. Yesterday and today he was wobbly, almost drunk-like (I immediately adminstered corn syrup and he perked up). Hypoglocemia is extremely abnormal for him. He also has diarehha a lot lately, and is generally more apathetic. Of course, I am going to take him in to see the doctor, but I am just curious if anyone has had a similar experience.

I am wondering if these are signs that he is in the final stages of his illness so that I can emotionally prepare myself.

If anyone can offer any insight I would greatly appreciate it.

ps- He was at the vet for a routine check-up a few weeks ago and his sugar was normal at that time. The Dr. said he was doing remarkably well, but had already lived past his life expectancy.
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