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I do not use FrontPage or any Wisiwag HTML editor for that matter - I am old fashioned kind of programmer having started with mainframes (I know, I sound ancient and I am not really, lol). I use Notepad or sometimes AceHTML which has some prewritten JavaScripts and sql stuff that one uses frequently so I don't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. But to save Excel as a gif, I wold merely print the screen and copy it into a graphics program, crop it the way I wanted it and then save it as a gif or jpeg - tho jpegs are [referable for photos, gifs pr pngs for other images.

I should add I prefer Notepad and simpler "editors" because I like to manipulate the data and images more myself, I don't find that Wisiwag or even the other type of editors for that matter.

I guess I wonder why you would want to save Excel as a gif, why not ave it as a dynamic HTML page or is it an image in Excel you want to save, them just save the image???

Anyway, just goes to show how we all accomplish the same task with different ways. Interesting!!

Good luck!
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