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raw feeding questions

Hi there, we have recently changed our 2 dogs to a raw food diet. we are currently feeding them mountain dog frozen raw food. it is either chicken or turkey, course ground with bone in and contains veggies and fruits, we also occaisionally give them the meat and bone only variety of the same brand.

I just wanted to be aware of what to look for if the dogs were to become infected with salmonella or anything of that nature due to the raw feeding as there seems to be a lot of concern with that. We are very careful with cleaning their bowls, replacing the water after they have eaten and drank, not feeding raw food over 2.5 days old in the fridge, and their food never sits out for more than a few minutes, they wolf it down pretty quick!

also are there any other immediate problems that come to mind that we should watch for given their new diet.

the dogs are Mikki a 1.5 yr old bijon-****zu, the other Scooby, is a 3 year old bijon-terrier cross and are absolutely loving the new food!
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