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Your cat has spent it's life looking for love and now it's finally found it in you. You probably gave it lots of love and it doesn't want it to end (in it's own mind, it could). One thing you might try is to put the food beside your bed. Then try petting it to a lesser degree. This will probably all stop eventually. Ignoring your cat will make it accelerate.

I have two kitties who would like to be petted all day and night. I pet them and slowly stop and do something else. At first, they will try you to the limit but eventually they go away, knowing that my love is always there.

If none of this works, you may have to put it in another room at night and in the morning -- really praise and love it. If you're giving it any kind of treats all this could be a reward.

Obviously you love this kitty or you wouldn't be asking for help. Some cats aren't at all affectionate and have to be taught, so in a way your are very fortunate.

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