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Im not sure if its the same in animals but I have gotten quit familiar with calcium levels.My fiancee has had both a 2 kidney transplants in last 7 years and along the way ended up having a lot of bone pains and energy issues and sickness which ended up being high calcium levels called hper-calcemium which resulted in her having elevated levels of calcium in the 13-14 count range. They had to go into her neck and remove most of her parathyroid glad.This was an emergency procedure as it can be fatal quickly.The draw back is now she has to take calcium supplements daily for the rest of her life as the amount of the gland they leave had to be smaller then normal causing a slight calcium absorbsion issue know as hypo calcemium and the calcium supplements she take brings it up to about the correct 8 count.They usually save some of the removed glands in frozen suspension and if its to low to fast they will reimplant some of the gland in the forearm so it regrows and helps with calcium absorbtion but they prefer not to have to do so.Might be a similar issue with your dog.Maybe mention possible para thyroid to a vet and hper calcemium..
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