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same problem different question

I actually have the exact same problem. My 8 month old kitten also has a cloudy eye and I took her to the vet and they said it was infected and gave me some antibiotic/steroid drops and antibiotics. She suggested blood work because she said sometimes it means there is something else going on in the body but it was too expensive at the time..Maybe later..I definitely want what is best for my cat..My concern though right now is the antibiotics..She has already been on antibiotics 4 different times..once when she was really young because her and her twin brother both were sneezing a lot..then a few months later because they both had an eye infection, then a few months later again for an eye infection, then they both got a little virus and werent eating and throwing up so the doctor gave them some antibiotics (which was wierd to be because antibiotics are not meant for viruses). Anyway, at that point their eyes were squinting again and the doctor said they probably have a kitten herpes thing of the eye and that is why they get it when they are stressed or something and drops can do just fine and some lysine. This time I thouht it was the same thing but the doctor said it seems different with the cloudy eye because it looks like an infection behind the eye. I'm giving her the drops and it is clearing up..Do I really need the antibiotics though? I started to read how it is not good to give antibiotics all the time especially in young kittens when their immune system is developing, and I have already given it to her 4 times! I feel like these doctors just hand out these antibiotics like candy like it treats anything... Should I give her the antibiotic medicine as well? Does she really need it for her eye, if her eye is getting better? Would you suggest the blood work also? Thanks so much!
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