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Originally Posted by CyberKitten View Post
I most certainly placed a spoiler alert!! I would not have written this otherwise!!
And yeah, Snape does come out better than I thought actually. I cried when one of the characters died tho - actually sat that and sobbed!! Gawd!
Maybe I missed it...

I did not know that Dumbledore died...

This is what I read...

I know I am late getting to this but here it is - the Harry Potter book thread. When I have time - which means not this week, lol - I have been rereading the last few HP books before the new ones comes along. I thought I had recalled most of the details but there are minor issues you forget. While I know JK Rowling has stated that she believes children need to understand death - and I agree with her there (alas, I work wit kids who face their own mortality and do it with adult sized courage and resilience) - I really wander if Snape actually killed Aldus Dombledore.
But... it was really my fault because I am way behind.... and I really should have known better!
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