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Originally Posted by badger View Post

Thanks Ric. My printer is pretty useless.
Oh how embarrassing, I didn't even know I had a picture card, just discovered it this minute...
It says CompactFlash - 64 mb. D'you think it's too old to be used in those machines? (No Shopper's Drug here, but I have seen them in other places)
This little card is so cool.
I think you would find most commercial machines available to the public would likely take pretty much any medium you have . . . . . shouldn't be a problem.

I've found Shoppers had the fastest machines available in my area . . . . Wal-Mart locally here tends to be dreadfully slow, unless they've upgraded lately.

I don't use these places much anymore as I can print at home but I think if you're aware these machines/computers/photo centres are available to you, then you'll suddenly see them in department stores and drug stores where you might not have noticed them before. You'll find one somewhere and eventually find one that you like to use.

Rick C
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