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Marko, thanks, but I need more explainin'. My camera is set at the highest resolution - 1800 X 1200 pixels. I might add that the camera is at least 5 years old, a Kodak DX3600. The editing program I've been using is Picture It! but I also have Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor.
If I set the format at 4X6, do I set the pixels at the highest level (1200)? Is that what you mean by 'highest quality'?
Can't find the megs...

Thanks Ric. My printer is pretty useless.
Oh how embarrassing, I didn't even know I had a picture card, just discovered it this minute...
It says CompactFlash - 64 mb. D'you think it's too old to be used in those machines? (No Shopper's Drug here, but I have seen them in other places)
This little card is so cool.

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