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Paco's journey to his forever home !

My foster Paco is almost home.... but I have to start at the beginning. Paco's last owner brought him to the shelter to have him put down , a beautiful and loving 8 yr old golden who never did anything wrong , just because , that person was moving. Lucky for Paco, the person in charge of the adoptions was walking by and heard the conversation. Talked with the owner and convinved her to let the dog go into rescue.
Then I got the phone call about him. Next day, he got to my place with the help of Julie , a volunteer with the rescue
Paco didn't get the chance to be put up for adoption, we had someone waiting for him ! A lady that adopted a senior golden from us , years ago, lost her beloved dog to cancer months ago. She wanted to adopt another senior , and there was Paco ! She instantly fell in love with him , over the internet. Paco left for Toronto this morning , 7:45 am. So he's minutes away from his forever home See pics below.
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