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I am admittedly much more interested in the books than the movies - I downloaded the first one and have yet to see the others tho I did dl them and have them. I just think the books are so much better than the movies- you never get it all from a movie! (and this thread is about the book, )

One of my patients had those comments by JK Rowling dtbmnec so I have heard those rumours - hard to say - I have been rereading the books and I think the one about the Order of the Phoenix holds more clues than the most recent one - except for the info about the Horcruxes. The part about the Prophecy is essential of course - I suspect these first 6 books have been anti climatic to the ending one (I hope, lol) since it will be all out war in the last one. Those dementors are the spookiest things I have read about in a long time (Not sure I want to see them on screen to be honest!) but it will be interesting to put it mildly - am intrigued to see what role petunia will have now that we know she is not a squib???

Anyway - back to work!
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