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Originally Posted by SableCollie View Post
I am so impatient for the last book to come out!! My fear is that all the stores will be sold out and I won't be able to get a copy the first day. (Should've pre-ordered a copy!)
I wouldn't worry too much about that...the last book that came out there were still a TON on the shelves at the Walmart near my house...I hit the Zellers too and there were still tons there too.

I know that our library in Guelph here has ordered something like 15 copies to put out and I also know that as soon as the craze is over they'll be selling them off for cheap (and usually in good condition).

The other option is to try and see if there's a midnight madness kind of thing going on at your local chapters and fight through those crowds of pyschos in witch hats and costumes for one . Actually I went to one at one point (I had just come out of a movie and noticed Chapters was open past midnight) and it wasn't too too bad . Many many copies still on the shelves.

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