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Unhappy My dog isn't eating either

My purebred mutt Calamity isn't eating. Since the dog food scare, I started feeding her By Nature dog food, and she was eating that okay, but not great. Then a co-worker told me about Innova, so I bought the Large Dog Senior dry food, and also the canned. She wasn't crazy about the dry, so I added the canned to it, and she was eating it that way at first. Then she stopped, so I tried just feeding her the canned, and she seemed to really like it. Now she refused to eat either the canned or dry. I have tried other healthy brands made by the same company as Innova, and also went back to By Nature, but she doesn't eat that. The vet gave her a complete blood panel, and found nothing wrong, except some hypo thyroid, which he gave me pills for. I called about her not eating, and the vet's partner said I should feed her some chicken and rice and give her some Pepcid every 24 hours. This has not helped. She ate the chicken and rice, but I am afraid this is just spoiling her, and she will never eat the dog food again. I can't keep feeding her the chicken and rice. She always had a sensitive stomach, and sometimes chicken gives her diarrhea. I have heard of people letting their dogs go without eating for a couple of days, and then the dog will suddenly eat the dog food, so I have thought of doing this but I am afraid. I previously had a Ridgeback, that I believe was poisoned by Nutro Large Dog Senior, and she was starving herself to death, until I finally had to put her down. I don't want this to happen to Calamity. I thought of giving her Bil Jac, but I don't like the fact that it has BHA and animal bi-products. It says organs only, but I'm not sure what that means. It doesn't rule out diseased organs.
I don't trust pet food companies anymore. I just want to get my dog to eat and stay healthy. She's pretty old, although I don't know for sure how old (probably about 13).
She's medium sized, and pretty energetic for a dog that size.
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