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Originally Posted by CyberKitten View Post
I know, I've been trying to stay away from the sites that have spoilers tho they are really guessing - unless they have info from a publisher but I doubt it.
Ahh well the site I mentioned doesn't HAVE spoilers on it. They have a no spoiler policy (well ok you can't help to have spoilers from the later books if you haven't read them but that's a bit of a no duh!).

So the stuff I've been most interested in were the loose ends that have to be tied up. Stuff that you may have forgotten/are totally off the wall are in there too. No spoilers just "what about Fawkes? Is there a connection between X and Y?" kind of stuff

They've made some arguments about who R.A.B. could be....they've made arguments on Snape being "good" or "evil"....but its all sectioned out

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