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I know, I've been trying to stay away from the sites that have spoilers tho they are really guessing - unless they have info from a publisher but I doubt it. I too wonder about Fawkes - he has to have some role in the next book - and I do think whether it is through his presence in a picture in what is now McG's office or or some other deal between him and Snape (and yes, Snape had little choice but to agree to that spell but there may be a counter spell to that that we do not know of. After all, Rowling is rather famous for characters not being who they said they are. Like Lockhart's body being used in Book 2 and then Mad Eye Moody spending all that time locked up in HP and the Goblet of Fire. So, is it possible - and I am just thinking and typing out loud here, lol - that the person killed was not really Dumbledore. I also think tho, so many of us do not want him dead that we are trying to find ways to make him come back. It may well be up to Harry to find the horcruxes - and I think he will somehow return to that place Tom Riddle was at when the orphanage took him and others and he had that fake horcrux there - and who has the real one? It seems as tho one is in Ireland and will Seamus help with that? But where are the others?

I too preordered several copies (I want some for the oncology unit as well as for my office.) And I will prob read it as soon as it arrived. (Make no appts- I HAVE to read this book, lol)
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