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Anxious for the Next harry Potter Book!

I know I am late getting to this but here it is - the Harry Potter book thread. When I have time - which means not this week, lol - I have been rereading the last few HP books before the new ones comes along. I thought I had recalled most of the details but there are minor issues you forget. While I know JK Rowling has stated that she believes children need to understand death - and I agree with her there (alas, I work wit kids who face their own mortality and do it with adult sized courage and resilience) - I really wander if Snape actually killed Aldus Dombledore. Yes, Snape did use that awful curse and certainly when you know who used it on Cedric Diggery in the TriWizard tournament, he died but Dumdledore is no ordinary wizard! I know the actor died but these are books first and foremost (I mean, if there can be a new "Derwood" (I know, I know I just prefer to use the mil's name) on Bewitched (the TV show in reruns, not the movie) , there can also be a new Dumbledore. Of course, even if he is dead, he is still there to dispense advice since all the Headmasters and Mistresses are there in the office - even if it is in their portraits. (and I think McG would make a wonderful HeadMistress- anyone who turns into a cat has got to be good, right!)

Someone else has pointed out that no body was seen per se at the funeral - Hagrid brought something wrapped up. So whether in the flesh or not, Dumldeore will be back. There is something about Snape and as much as we learn to see him thru Harry's eyes, I really wonder if he and D had some sort
of plan to fool the evildoers?

So, anyone else have any theories? I do think Harry will become an Auror (He really already has proven he can do the job!) but I wish they;d still have Hogwarts to protect them tho I know it wold not be the same without Dumbedore.

btw, did anyone read today's Globe & Mail - I briefly saw the article that claimed the books are sexist! I think that's ridiculous! They may not be pc but I actually believe she does an excellent parody of a class society and even of some of the issues involving our society post 9/11. Good versus evil and all that. The evildoers rise up and the forces for good take them on. Plus, how can she be sexist - sure, the Headmaster was male but there are some very strong women characters in the book - and in Quittich, players are both male AND female. (unlike say our own major sports - tho I know it is more representative of European football or what we in North America call soccer.)

Anyway - I will be interested to hear what others think!!
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