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My dog has a swollen irritated lip

First her nose seemed a little red and swollen but then that went away. Then the little nubs on the side of her lips (feelers maybe, I'm not sure what you call them) which are usually black, turned red and started swelling a little bit and were very dry. It has also started hanging down a little bit so it stays dried out and I think that that might be keeping it from healing, she also rubs her paw over it sometimes. We have taken her to the vet before for red bumps that she has gotten on her chest, and they told us that it was probably some kind of allergy to something. She likes to get my shirts after I have slept in them and she lays on them and sometimes licks the shirts, we have not been letting her do this anymore but this has not gone away and it has been like this almost a week now. Any suggestions on what could cause this or maybe something that would be safe to use on it to keep it moisterized a little better? Thank you for any advice.
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