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I switched from IE to Firefox years ago. (I also use Thunderbird for mail.) No major frills... very user friendly - intuitive. I switched for security.. I got tired of the pop ups and the spyware and the trojans I picked up everywhere in IE. Just with basic security settings in Firefox I don't pick up spyware anymore unless one of the kids intentionally downloads something. No more surprises. I'm sure that will change as Firefox becomes more and more popular - but for now it's exactly what I was looking for.

Pros: Faster. More secure. Neat convenient features like tabbed browsing. (Takes some getting used to but really nice when you've got a lot of windows open!) and the Download Manager -- no more searching your computer for wherever you downloaded something... The download manager pops up after every download with the location and the option of opening from the manager window.

Cons: There are still a few multi-media sites that aren't compatible with Firefox (although they say they are). What usually happens is you go to a site with video, etc. and you are told you need to download a plug-in -- even though you already have the plug-in.... For such instances I have to switch to IE if I really want to use the site. But those are becoming more and more rare as sites catch on.

If you try Firefox and you like it -- I do suggest using Thunderbird for mail as well.... The built-in mail filter options are super easy to use!
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