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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
He can't be a growler......he has such a sweet innocent face.
looks are sooooo deceiving grrr grrr

When the s are sleepy their faces are warm & you put their cheek against yours it so nice - I would say "you've got a warm sleepy doggy face" Cally would growl, he would growl when you walked over him, when you told him to go to bed, when you left without him, when lifting him out of or into the truck. Just Cally purrsonalilty I say!

He also had the Dalmation smile I don't have a pic of Cally doing it but this came off a Dal rescue site sorry don't know which one but this is what it looks like

BHRR :love: the "Piranha Puppy Soul Squall" do they still sleep like that?
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