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Bee Stings in cats and dogs - Answered by Dr. Lee (podcast 21)

Last nite my girl Currie was stung by several bees and went into anaphylactic shock, it was so scarey, she could not breath, her face was swollen her eyes closed, her underside and ears went bright pink and her gums very pale. I called the emerg vet and they told me to give her 25 mg of benedryl every 6 hrs (3 doses in total) and she was fine. I urge all of you to have that on hand it saved her life. My husband is allergic to bees and we did have an epi pen the dose was to strong for her but you can get them from the vet for dogs.

I set my alarm for 3:30 am for her second dose, we did not sleep all night I was so worried about her but thismorning she was fine and ready to take on the day
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