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Wow!!! Thank you guys so much for the help! I figured I'd be lucky to get one or two replies.

I'm going to run this stuff by my boss, and then hopefully get this problem sorted out. We have Ad Aware, but I was worried that it was some kind of spyware itself...shows what I know So I haven't been running it since this began. It kept finding 18 files, 30 files, 22 files and so on that would need to be quarantined or whatever, so I assumed that it had to be some kind of problem itself as I didn't think we could possibly have that many trojans or whatever. Guess I was wrong!

Thanks again for the help. I was at a loss about all of this... and my boss isn't too eager to hire someone to come in and deal with the problem. I was afraid we'd have to get into the registry and start deleting anything suspicious, but I can guarantee that I'd end up deleting something vital...glad we've avoided that situation!
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