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yep, im a Macintosh girl! i also drive a Honda, eat organic food, own a Wii (and a Nintendo, SuperNES, DS and just traded in my GC) and an iPod. yeah im a snob... who wears little to no make up. (go figure)

i just cant get myself excited about the iPhone. ran across an article that sums that not so excited feeling up quite nicely. kinda bummed abotu it being locked into AT&T (although my cell plan is with AT&T already...)

i mean really...... who makes a smartphone without WiFi or even G3?? i understand Apple is trying to get more than a foot in the door of the phone market but i cant help but feel like they are setting aside their open mentality by forcing you to lock into a plan with AT&T. hopefully their plans moving forward will remedy this. it really is a fantastic piece of technology. too bad its so badly marred.

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