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Good morning everyone!
I just got off the phone with Jaida's vet...she's had a good night. Her bandage is still off, there is still quite a lot of fluid, but some is draining out on its own through the incision. Painwise, she is allowing the vet/techs to touch her chest and near the incision site without complaint...they have only had one "screaming" epidose when they touched some fluid buildup near her sternum...weird because that's very far from the surgical site. He's rating her pain response at about 2/10...very good. She is begining to resign herself to all the quiet/isolation time...she still calls out for people a bit, but is mostly resting quietly without complaint. Apparently they couldn't get her to pee this morning because she was so thrilled about all the people around her that she spent all her time visiting and talking instead of doing her business.
Dr. Sparling is going to get other members of his staff (other vets) to come see Jaida so they can brainstorm and pool their ideas about what course of action they should take. There is still discussion about drains and/or bandaging in the future. He mentioned that there is a possibility that Jaida has a mild clotting disorder. Nothing serious, or she would have bled out during her surgeries and her spay/dewclaw incisions healed up just fine.
So, long story short, she remains in good hands, I am feeling optimistic, and I was able to get some much-needed sleep last night. We are preparing an xtra large crate for her for when she comes home tomorrow. I suspect there will be xtra large temper tantrums about it, but what can you do?
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