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Excellent podcast! We pay an awful lot each month for our multi-parasite medication for the five of our pets and it's very reassuring to hear another qualified person explain the pros and cons of the medications and how lifestyle plays a major role in determining which product is most effective.

When my vet recommended Revolution -- I honestly didn't understand this. We have been using it with all of our animals at a cost of approximately 80 dollars per month from the very beginning. I have had people ask me if perhaps we're paying too much. But the fact is we do literally live in drained swamp land ... where the temperatures rarely drop below 70 degrees F (21 degrees F) and fleas , ticks, and mosquitoes are ALMOST a year-round concern. Our animals are indoors -- but all have access to the outdoors at any time... and with all of our kids... indoor/outdoor traffic is high. Now I understand why our vet made his recommendation and I'm glad that we follow it.

Also -- as far as buying medication online... Several months ago I had gone into our vet's office and asked about using one of the popular mail-order companies to get our monthly medication. Our vet expressed a lot of the same concerns as Dr. Lee -- and instead offered to allow us to call in to their office directly for our regular medications and they would mail it to us direct given our situation with loading up all the children for a trip to the office just for the Revolution. He said he wouldn't do such a thing for just any client -- but that he trusts that we will always bring our animals in if they need medical attention. Perhaps this could be an option to discuss with their vet for others in similar circumstances instead of the online/mailorder route?

Thank you very much for this podcast and for the peace of mind that we're doing what's best for our critters.
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