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She's back at the hospital...siiiiggggghhhhhh.

I noticed some weird squishy bumps on either side of the bandage...called the vet...had to haul her back in...turns out they were large blood blisters...fluid buildup getting squished out from under the bandage.

She got them drained, and they took the bandage off to have a look. I got to see it. It's a HUGE incision, shaped like an "L", probably about 7-8 inches in each direction. I prepped myself for this kind of incision over the past few months by looking at pictures of other dogs who had the same surgery, so it wasn't shocking to me. The good news is, although she looked rather Frankenstein-esque, the incision looks really, really good, better than the other one ever did.

They decided it would be best to keep her until Saturday, to keep her as quiet as possible, monitor the fluid buildup, possibly put a drain in, rebandage and then be able to give her stronger pain drugs, too, without us having to deal with a stumbly, weirded-out dog. I'm sad to have her gone again, but happy she's in good hands and's been very difficult watching and hearing her discomfort...also sleep-deprived from lying awake listening to her all night...a few nights of sleep will help us cope with her better when she comes home.

Boys, oh boys...what a crazy couple of weeks it's been.

Having trouble uploading photos...I snapped one before I brought her in...I'll get it up tomorrow...
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