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Hi all,
well, I'm at home with Jaida. She's got a full body-wrap pressure bandage (pink...not her colour, yuck...but I will try to get some pics later anyways).She is confined in the downstairs bathroom thanks to a baby gate. I am sitting 3 feet away from her and she's howling her fool head off. She hates being physically separated from anyone, but I'm not risking her getting ideas about chasing cats or playing with Gracie.

Yesterday was a little rough. She was thrilled to see me when I picked her out to the car on her own ok. Then screamed bloody murder when I put her in the car...I hurt her picking her up. We settled in the house alright, she said hello (quietly) to everyone, had dinner and meds. Had some small ouch moments when we had to do the stairs again, but nothing too bad. She settled ok for sleeping...

Then we woke from a dead sleep with our hearts in our throats...screams of pain...she had rolled onto her "bad" side and didn't seem to know what to do...leapt out of bed and got her repositioned and calmed down...lots of heavy breathing and whining through the rest of the night, but I suppose nothing too out of the ordinary for her (she's very vocal)...I lay awake all night listening to every sound.

Ok this morning until after her poop...strangest thing...did her business, took a few steps, then started screaming again...calmed down after she leaned herself against my legs...god, I'm sure the neighbours thought we were killing her.
She wouldn't walk back to the door, so had to carry her into the house. I have to say, thank GOD she's not heavier. She's over 45 lbs now, and it's one thing to carry her when she's feeling good, or even when she still had her stump, but a whole other ball of wax with this incision...very difficult to properly support her chest without a) hurting her or b) breaking my back. I actually pulled a quad muscle this morning doing the "clean and jerk" with her (you know, trying to bend at the knees)...painful, but I'll manage.

She's settled now...resting. I hope she gets some sleep
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