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Sony DCR-SR100- I had an HP regular digital camera and it had video ability but no sound so I thought both for work purposes and for personal use, I'd buy myself a new camera with some money I made sort of accidentally (ie an unexpected amt - which said to me, get something you want, so I bought cat stuff, a new LCD TV that connects to my computer and I can record from both) and a new digital camcorder.

It is easy to work with and is kind of a hybrid - has the ability to create a DVD right there and then as well as a 30 gig hard drive that lets me save a lot of taped time. (about 7 hrs of video)

I looked it up and it's here:

I was not keen about PictBridge since I have so many SD ram memory cards but they work in my MP3 player , blackberries and PDA's (I have 2 -one for work, one personal) and my older camera which I still find useful. This one I like for digital work - taking videos for teaching or of my niece's first steps and I can edit it with the software. It works very well - the sound is superb - and the quality is better than I would get with a regular camera, not being a wizard with cameras, lol
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