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I am glad she is a good Samaritan but her husband's attitude concerns me - With all due respect, how can she care for cats if she is worried about her couch and her husband is ready to literally throw cats out the door?

Ok, now that's out of the way, I do hope she finds a foster!! This is the worst possible time of the year as anyone who has anything to do with kitten season knows! Perhaps she can obtain a courtesy listing in some of the animal shelters but as was noted, they have cats and kittens everywhere.

I have 4 cats and do not live in Montreal and cannot foster this cat - frankly, this woman's attitude, even as a rescue worker, is unusual. I have never in my life heard a cat lover who rescues felines speak of "getting rid" of a cat - in either French or English! I have spent more nights that I can count or care to recall the many bottle babies and tiny kittens I have hand raised and I have lost suede jackets and furniture and venetian blinds and computer equipment (and more things thx to my bunny who loved to chew, lol - I have visions of him as the Chewy Monster al la Cookie Monster from sesame Street, 'He LOVED to chew, lol) but I do not care. The cats are more important and her husband either supports her or he does not. Even with a broken back - and I have actually had my back broken (I still have metal rods in my spine) and it did not prevent me from working and also caring for cats and my poodle. Even when I had cancer, I continued to volunteer for a cat rescue association - I also encourage my patients to be active and involved in anything they can do. (as does my orthopedic surgeon) He may not be able to lift but he can talk to the cats and if he is up and walking (and that is possible these days, more so than when I had my surgery tho I still suffer ill effects from a complicated chronic illness that affects my spine), he can help her prepare meals for them and even clean out litter boxes. (with help, granted.) I say that as someone who cared for 4 orphan kittens while in a body cast for 8 months and no, it was no special effort, just life. I do hope he is more helpful than he sounds - he WAS kidding about Salem, right? (That really bothered me last night - I thought about that cat when I went to bed, told my 4 cats who were sleeping with me about this poor kitty.)

I am not trying to sound as though I question her but I treat children with cancer every day and they do not call what they are experiencing a "bad time." I myself prefer to see my own trials and tribulations as an adventure- constant pain is no fun but I look at my young patients and marvel at their ability! Maybe her husband's attitude is a problem. I had one patient who blossomed when she was able to care for several cats. It was the best thing that could happen - and fortunately she did not need a bone marrow transplant so she was able to keep on looking after them. I would think they would see Salem as a gift and a challenge, not a problem. That to me is the essence of a rescue worker.

If he is a problem with the other cats, there are behaviourists who could help. Have they tried rescue remedy or Feliway? I wound only suggest that after they have consulted their vet of course. Even holistic meds are drugs and needs to be treated with the same respect - one would need to know what else Salem is taking and what his medical issues are. You are helping her which is a charitable thing on your part and I commend you! Perhaps you can foster him? Or find a neighbour or friend who can until a permanent adopter ca be found? Please remember that the SPCA in some places only keeps cats 72 hrs before euthanizing and in some instances - during busy times like this- they do not even wait that long if the cat has "problems." I think Salem may need a miracle. Could they not give Salem his own room?

Is she god at cat-cat introductions? One would think so if she is involved in rescue wok - does she belong to an organization? She may have to realize she cannot do this all by herself and join a group that can help her. Or if Salem is a one cat household feline - and there are cats who are like that - for whatever reason - perhaps they can find a small room in their home that can be his.

When I brought home 2 Sphynx cats home, they had their own room until they adjusted to my home and my own Siamese was able to communicate and play with them nicely and all 3 got along. Until then, they had separate quarters and that perhaps took 1 1/2 wks or so? Of course, now have 4, lol I could list other examples as I am sure others here could as well.

Good luck to Salem!!!!
"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats" Albert Schweitzer

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