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Hi all,
thanks for all the wonderful wishes from everyone! So nice to read!
I've been away all week, taking care of my girl.

First, I'll say she has been AMAZING about this whole thing. We took her home the morning after the surgery, and I swear, it was like she had no idea that she'd had major surgery. Up and ready and rearing to go!!! Such a spirit in this little gal.

It's been very hard to keep her quiet, but we've done our best (outside only to pee/poo, carrying her up and down stairs etc. etc.).

The hard part has been...her incision isn't healing very well. She's been "leaking" fluids almost constantly since the surgery. Thursday night her bandage fell off (we had been getting her rebandaged every other day all week) and we saw that most of the stitches had "popped", and the incision was wide open. The vet put in a bunch of staples to close it up again, and we were feeling really hopeful that they would do the trick, but now, three days later, they're coming out too and the incision is opening again. It's not infected at all, thank goodness, at least there's that. But it's open and oozy and yucky-looking. It doesn't seem to hurt her much (we still give her meds, too), and she's dying for a good run outside, but we have to keep a cone on her and we also put on a t-shirt to keep the arm covered.

So, back to the vets we go today. I'm starting to fear that we may need to put her through another surgery.

Here's how she's looking now (don't worry, it's a pic with her bandage on, so no yucky oozy incisions to look at, just a cute, smiley, tough-as-nails gal):
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