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I don't know if I would attribute your cat's problems to the other cat. There are so many variables and so many reasons a cat will urinate inappropriately - and it is really not the cat's fault. I have to admit I would never "get rid of" any animal for any problem like that and so am somewhat perplexed - I have to assume you are just upset about for your kitty and thus used such harsh sounding language.
A couch is an inanimate object - a cat is a member f your family who you love and care about - no matter what any of my cats did, they would never be searching for anew home!

There may very well be a medical reason for your cat's behaviour and you should start there- she needs to see a vet to rule out medical issues. Cats cannot tell us when they are ill and often a urinary tract infection or other problems, some more serious may cause a kitty to urinate somewhere outside the litter box. She has not been declawed has she? Declawed kitties sometimes are in so much pain and they associate the litter box with pain and search for something soft - thr laundry ,a bed, bedding, your couch...

with all due respect, If my husband (bf in my case) said what your husband said, he would be the one going out the door -and I would wonder what momentary bit of madness had come upon me to be with someone like that! . I hope he was just kidding!!!

If no medical issues are the reason, then you have to ascertain the behavioral cause ands it can be so many things. Honestly, I have my doubts it is the other cat unless they were not introduced properly. In that case, you have to start over and do it slowly - are they new to one another?

Also, is Salem spayed? did she have recent surgery? Is her litter box clean? Do you have the proper any of litter boxes - one per cat plus one - some cats like their own and she may want her own! Or 2 for each job. <g> What about the litter? Is it new? Have you introduced new food recently? If your husband is serious, he may be giving off vibrations to scare the poor cat and if the cat was rescued from a place where she was afraid of men, that could be an issue.

There is so much to look at and you have just begun.

In all frankness- I am astounded that you would give away your cat over a couch - regardless of how much the couch costs? I am sorry but that makes no sense to me. Would you give away your child if she urinated inappropriately in bed? Please do not take this the wrong way - but think about the way you worded this. I know you are under stress but so is your cat and she depends on you for her life and for her health - we are judged by how we treat those who are vulnerable and needy. Please be the best person you can be and help your cat!!

if you do not want her, I suggest you find a good rescue group (NOT the pound - because many just kill a cat after 72 hours especially if you tell them why you are giving her up.) But give her a chance - how long has this been going on?

I might add one of my Siamese urinated on an expensive computer monitor post her spay procedure- she should not have been there but she liked the heat. I was more concerned about her being on the monitor than I was about how it would turn out. I bought a new one - a flat one so now she cannot hurt herself by getting too hot or having her end up in the monitor and thus possibly burning something (hopefully not her!)

And I would try not to value your cat in terms of money - my cats are priceless!!! It does not matter if your cat is a purebred or a moggy - s/he is a living being who needs you to protect her!! PLEASE!!! THINK about what you are saying and please get her some help!!!!! And if you cannot do that, find her the best home possible - no free to good home ads (that means you do not value your cat and there are some nasty people out there who are not very nice to cats.)

There awe many ways to figure out why she is urinating inappropriately - throwing her out of the home as if she was yesterday's garbage is no solution,. In fact, it is too cruel for words! She has been protected inside all her life (I assume) so she would be totally defenseless outdoors and not have any idea how to care for herself- you might as well throw out a newborn baby with no clothes on!

I know I may come across as harsh but your husband's words send chills down my spine!!! I can't believe anyone who has cats would say that. It takes patience - just as it does with small children - and cats do NOT respond to punishment, They need positive reinforcement and they need our love and care! You yourself say she is a very nervous cat - she surely senses your own stress over this and this in and of itself can aggravate the situation. Yo will have to discuss this with your husband and make him understand he simply cannot throw out a cat!!!! She needs a vet first of all and if that does not help,- tho the vet can prescribe some meds for her anxiety if that is the diagnosis. There are also cat behaviourists who can help. But please try everything possible before giving up on your kitty! (I almost wish I had not read this - I am admittedly quite upset by your husband's remarks. We have people on this Board who move heaven and earth to help their pets so you have to take my concern in that context. We do not understand the kind of language used by your husband - but maybe this is a bad joke on his part.)

If you do think he is a danger to your cat, you could take steps to protect the cat! And as a pediatrician , I have to ask if he says that kind of thing about the cat - I hope to God he has never said that in front of any children!
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