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Help Help Help Salem

I just received this email from a lady that we have helped in the past. Salem has been neutered and vaccinated.



My cat Chanel has started stalking Salem the last 4 days .This has made Salem really nervous!!
So, So nervous that she has starting peeing on my sofa!!!! (a new thing! 3 days straight)
Denis has giving me an ultimadum "GET RID OF THE CAT OR I WILL LET HER OUTSIDE!!!!"
I certainly don't blame him because Salem has RUINED my $1800 suede couch.
So I have until Monday

Do you know of ANYONE who could take her? PLEASE
We have worked so so hard domesticating her and she is so sweet. She would make a wonderful pet.

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"I love cats because I love my home and a little by little they become its visible soul." -Jean Cocteau, French poet
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