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Originally Posted by Barbaraann View Post
You sure have me thinking about things. Excellent site--sure glad I joined. By the way, I have 2 cats that are never let outside except on the porch. I had both given "full" sets of vaccines including feline leukemia, just in case. They are microchipped and neutered/spayed. The male born to a feral mother, the female was semi-feral rescue but still hides from visitors. Linus literally screams and hisses when taken to the vet before anything is done while still in his cage. I can only guess what Muffin will do. Are the initial vaccines enough for them if they are not permitted to roam throughout the neighborhood? They are only 2 and 1 years old now. One or both will have to be sedated prior to routine office visits, most likely. Thanks.
My indoor cat is 7 and hasn't had any shots since he was 2. He hasn't been sick a day in his life. I don't have many friends with cats and I do not go around attempting to pick up strays. Rabies is not a problem where I live and I don't make it a habit of inviting wild animals into my home.

Sorry, but the more I read about vaccines - the more I believe that I am right in NOT vaccinating my indoor only cat.
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