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That's wonderful news Frenchy.
1. It should be a crime to not have your dog or cat spayed or neutered by 5 months of age for a female and 1 year of age for a male.
2. It should be illegal for pet shops or anyone except a registered breeder (the kennel clubs are going to have to do some changing to make this point worth while), to sell dogs or cats and only registered approved rescue groups may adopt animals out for a fee. (this would weed out the mills who want to portray themselves as a rescue from adopting out for an enormous fee).
3. Kennel clubs need to change confirmation events so that spayed and neuetered dogs can compete equally with intact animals.
4. All federal, provincial, municipal, state governments need to put in place feral capture and spay programs. Some ferals can never be tamed, but capture and spay and neuter them, re-release either where captured if not a danger to themselves or other animals. At least they won't be breeding more litters and adding to an already unbelievable problem. Oral rabies vaccine can be given to them in a food source like they do for wolves and raccoons.

I honestly don't know how you guys in rescue deal with this every day. I'm not a strong enough person I guess to stand it.

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