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Unhappy Sad response to "Dalmation dog vomits water - Answered by Dr. Lee"

I am soooo sad writing this response to my original post from June 7. Our beautiful dalmation had to be put down this week due to her condition suddenly plummeting. She lost a lot of weight and continued to vomit -- now just about everything she ate/drank. The food/drink was never digested -- just moistened. The vomiting never seemed quite like vomiting -- more like coughing up. We took her back to the vet for bloodwork and x-rays. The x-rays revealed she had an extremely enlarged esophagus. The food/water she was eating was simply pooling before it ever made it to the stomach. The enlarged esophogus pressed against her heart and lungs making it harder to breath etc. She was forced to cough up everything that pooled so that she could breath easier. Not very much food made it to her stomach and she was becoming increasingly frail. The diagnosis was some sort of connective tissue disorder. We chose to put her down after a hard and thoughtful discussion with the vet and our family. She will be greatly missed!
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