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Have you tried crating the dog at night with a thin sheet over the top and hanging down 2 or 3 sides and then ignore any whining or whatever? It will get worse at first but she will learn. I had a dalmatian for 11 years and she was a wonderful but demanding dog. They need heaps of exercise and then a consistant life with lots of gentle handling but a true leader. Never let her lead you or demand attention from you. She must work for every morsel of food and learn who is boss. On the other hand, they need gentle handling and never hit them. They will "shut down". This means they will act as if they are stupid and ignore commands, but they are actually very very smart and very sensitive to rough handling. My girl outsmarted me many times. It was embarassing. Take her to lots of training classes and socialization at dog parks. I lost my girl last september and I'm still not over her. She was truly a remarkable creature and one of the few real loves of my life. I wish you luck and it will all be worth it. Dal's are one of God's masterpieces.-Linda
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