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Unfortunetly most small breed dogs are barkers. I have an italian greyhound, small but bigger than a chi, they don't really bark but are kind of shy. Chi's also tend to be shy around new people, but of course there are always exceptions. for instance my co-worker has a chi that is just the sweetest thing loves everyone and doesn't bark often at all, but on the other hand the lady next door has one that never stops yapping and has bit me twice and tryed to attack my dog. It would probably be difficult to train a chi not to bark but it could be done. just remember training a chi not to bark is going to take a lot of time and effort, don't expect results in a week or even 2 for that matter. otherwise they are really loving affectionent dogs (with their owners anyway). as far as where to get one i would contact a rescue and give one a home that may otherwise never have one. there are others on here that can give you much better info on where to get one.
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