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Exclamation Puppy ate maggots - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

My puppy was diagnosed with parvo 3 days ago. The vet said that she is doing great since she has been hydrating herself and eating by herself without us having to force her. She also has been taking her medicine and not throwing up.
But today, my husband cleaned out one of our trash cans (that has a little hole on the top)because he found it full of maggots. We have fixed the maggot problem by covering the hole so the flies can not get in there.
We had let our puppy outside to do her business while he was cleaning out the trash can.. he turned around and saw her eating maggots.

He grabbed her and brought her inside. Do you think it will harm her? We were planning on taking her to the vet tomorrow anyway to get checked out.. but I hope that the maggots didn't derail all of her process she has already made..

Can anyone tell me if her eating maggots is going to kill her?
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