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Thank you!

Hi Everyone!
Thank you very much for the responses and all the help.

I saw the recipe for home cooked food against kidney problems. Thank you very much for that!
What is the meaning of "14-16% protein range". How do i know whats the range my dog needs?

Dr Lee - thank you for the great answer! a urine test was performed. The only thing that the vet told me from that test is that there is no urine infection. He did add me any information regarding the kidney status.

Regarding the medicine - the vet did not say anything about medicine - just about the K/D food.
I thought that the main reason for the kidney was my dogs age (12) - but you say it might be connected to his parathyroid.
I will check this with my vet - but if this is true - what can be done about it?

Another thing - what is 'subQ'. I didn't get a chance to read the articles posted by sugarcatmom yet - but i guess i will get to it latter today.

Again - thank you so so much!!!

Have a nice week,
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