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Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
A lot of my goal is to figure how to make the patient as comfortable as possible with what medications the client will use.
It must be very frustrating sometimes trying to find that balance between what a client is willing to undertake and a therapy you know would benefit their pet. I certainly don't envy that aspect of vet med! With my own cat being diabetic, I constantly encounter people that are amazed someone would be willing to give an animal insulin injections twice a day for the rest of its life. For me it's a no-brainer, but I realize that isn't always the norm.

I am very glad that there are a lot of websites out there to help clients understand the use and benefits (and dangers!) of at home therapies like SubQ fluids.
Although at the same time, there can be such a huge amount of info, some of it very conflicting, that I can see how people would get confused and overwhelmed by it all. It's still important to have a good relationship with your vet and to be able to work together sorting through it all. Which also makes me think that the best kind of vet is one who's eager to learn all throughout their career and doesn't just "close the gates" as soon as they're finished school. Kudos to you for being in that category!
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