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bizarre neutering behavior - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

I had both my 5 yr old male goldens neutered 9 days ago. One has a swollen scrotum as a result, which the vet said is normal when he rechecked him. Everything else was fine until yesterday when my other golden started going nuts over his brother with the swollen scrotum. He sniffs the scrotum--and his pee on the grass--and then goes crazy like his brother is a female in heat. Panting, whining, and trying to hump him. He NEVER did this before. Ever. I can't even leave them alone together. I have never heard of such a thing. Has anyone? I am at my wits end. Is this what neutering can do? The vet didn't detect any signs of infection, but said that sometimes a scent can be given off by something else going on in the dog and the other dog may be confusing it with a the female hormone. Because of the truly bizarre behavior exhibited by my one dog, he gave me antibiotics in case there was an undetected infection. My boys used to be best friend and now I can't even leave them in the same room. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of reaction?! Please tell me it is not permanent!

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