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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Also, at what point would you recommend subQ fluids?
Thanks for the links. I particularly enjoyed the last one. I have been to a couple of lectures on this as a myth with cats, but this is the first article I have read specifically for dogs.

As far as subQ fluids?
Obviously this is a case by case basis however there are a few guidelines. In RF cat patients, I will commonly consider subQ fluids when: appetite/attitude/overall well being declines, fluctuations in weight, if the creat/BUN is on the rise despite other medications/supplements, phosphorus levels are above 6. A lot of when to use is also based upon the client. I have some that are eager to start early and then some clients that want to euthanize once I mention SubQ fluids. There are so many options for RF patients now, and some clients will do anything and everything; however some will do Epogen injections but will euthanize at SubQ fluids and some visa versa. A lot of my goal is to figure how to make the patient as comfortable as possible with what medications the client will use.
I am very glad that there are a lot of websites out there to help clients understand the use and benefits (and dangers!) of at home therapies like SubQ fluids.

Again - thanks for the links. It is important try to dispell myths - it is funny how many of them there are in a scientific based setting like medicine. But having fallen for a few myself, it can be scary to trangress a myth. You keep telling yourself going a better direction will help the pet but all day want to throw salt over your left shoulder or something!
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